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Father’s Day Brunch At Your Favorite Santa Barbara Restaurant

Father's Day Brunch at Santa Barbara Restaurant

Father’s Day is the starting point for a summer of fun at Blush Restaurant + Lounge. We’re right in the heart of Santa Barbara, which makes us the perfect location for all your social diningweekend brunch, bachelorette party and wedding needs. Start the summer off right by bringing your dad in for our Father’s Day Brunch, available from 9am-3pm. How about a hearty Steak & Eggs entree, Chilaquiles, or some spicy Huevos Rancheros? Top it off with a Blood Orange Bellini or a Blush Bloody Mary, and you’ve got the ingredients for a perfect day. Enjoy good food in a great atmosphere while you and dad take time to get to know each other again.
Of course you don’t have to wait for a special occasion; any day is a good day to spend with Dad. Another advantage of downtown Santa Barbara restaurants like Blush is our easy access to some of California’s freshest food items. Take our Farmers Market Tuesdays, for example, featuring a dinner and drink special with fresh ingredients from our local farmer’s market. Our chef is always thinking of new ways to use fresh seafood and local produce to spice up our California cuisine offerings. The menu is inspired by the California coast with influences of Spanish, Asian and European flavors and cooking techniques for your dining pleasure.
Dad’s not the only one who will love Blush. Bring your high school and college students here for a graduation celebration, or treat out-of-town visitors to Santa Barbara’s most recommended lounge bar downtown. If you are planning a bachelorette party before the summer wedding season, be sure to inquire with one of our friendly staff to discuss your special event and reserve a date. Blush can cater your event with small passed appetizers, buffet style entrees, or a four course set menu for your guests.  We have a special 20% off arrangement with a Santa Barbara limo company to help you arrive in style. Whether you’re seated outside in our expansive outdoor patio or inside in elegant, contemporary dining room, our restaurant is the perfect location for bachelorette partiesrehearsal dinners and wedding receptions for groups of 10 to 400 people.
Show dad how much you appreciate the way he has been a quiet source of strength throughout your life, and treat him like the king of your heart. Call (805) 957-1300 now for further information on our Father’s Day restaurant menu or to make your Father’s Day reservations.


Father's Day Brunch at Santa Barbara Restaurant
About Blush Restaurant + Lounge: Of all the restaurants in Santa Barbara, Blush Restaurant + Lounge at 630 State Street, is one of the best for Father’s Day celebrations. It is also one of the best bachelorette party locations, and makes the perfect site for weekend brunchsocial diningrehearsal dinnersand wedding receptions. Summer hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. until close, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until close. Visit the website at http://www.blushsb.com to learn more about thelounge bar. “Like” the Facebook page for regular updates on dining in Santa Barbara. Call (805)957-1300 for professional assistance with bachelorette parties at Blush.

History and the birth of the modern restaurant

Greece and Rome 

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, thermopolia (singular thermopolium) were small restaurant-bars that offered food and drinks to customers. A typical thermopolium had little L-shaped counters in which large storage vessels were sunk, which would contain either hot or cold food. Their popularity was linked to the lack of kitchens in many dwellings and the ease with which people could purchase prepared foods. Furthermore, eating out was considered a very important aspect of socializing.

A Roman thermopolium in Pompeii

In Pompeii, 158 thermopolia with a service counter have been identified across the whole town area. They were concentrated along the main axis of the town and the public spaces where they were frequented by the locals.

The birth of the modern restaurant - Paris in the 18th century

The modern idea of a restaurant – as well as the term itself – appeared in Paris in the 18th century. For centuries Paris had taverns which served food at large common tables, but they were notoriously crowded, noisy, not very clean, and served food of dubious quality. In about 1765 a new kind of eating establishment, called a "Bouillon", was opened on rue des Poulies, near the Louvre, by a man named Boulanger. It had separate tables, a menu, and specialized in soups made with a base of meat and eggs, which were said to be restaurants or, in English "restoratives". Other similar bouillons soon opened around Paris. Thanks to Boulanger and his imitators, these soups moved from the category of remedy into the category of health food and ultimately into the category of ordinary food. Their existence was predicated on health, not gustatory, requirements.

The first luxury restaurant in Paris, called the Taverne Anglaise, was opened at the beginning of 1786, shortly before the French Revolution, by Antoine Beauvilliers, the former chef of the Count of Provence, at the Palais-Royal. It had mahogany tables, linen tablecloths, chandeliers, well-dressed and trained waiters, a long wine list and an extensive menu of elaborately prepared and presented dishes. In June 1786 the Provost of Paris issued a decree giving the new kind of eating establishment official status, authorizing restaurateurs to receive clients and to offer them meals until eleven in the evening in winter and midnight in summer. A rival restaurant was started in 1791 by Méot, the former chef of the Duke of Orleans, which offered a wine list with twenty-two choices of red wine and twenty-seven of white wine. By the end of the century there were other luxury restaurants at the Grand-Palais: Huré, the Couvert espagnol; Février; the Grotte flamande; Véry, Masse and the cafe des Chartres (still open, now the Grand Vefour).

Source: Wikipedia


The companies that supply foodservice operators are called foodservice distributors. Foodservice distributors sell goods like small wares (kitchen utensils) and foods. Some companies manufacture products in both consumer and foodservice versions. The consumer version usually comes in individual-sized packages with elaborate label design for retail sale. The foodservice version is packaged in a much larger industrial size and often lacks the colorful label designs of the consumer version.

Foodservice (US English) or catering industry (British English) defines those businesses, institutions, and companies responsible for any meal prepared outside the home.  This industry includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats.

Table service

Table service is food service served to the customer's table by waiters and waitresses, also known as "servers". Table service is common in most restaurants, while for some fast food restaurants counter service is the common form. For pubs and bars, counter service is the norm in the United Kingdom. With table service, the customer generally pays at the end of meal. Various methods of table service can be provided, such as silver service.

Gueridon service 

Gueridon service is a form of food service provided by restaurants to their customers. This type of service encompasses preparing food (primarily salads, main dishes such as beef stroganoff, or desserts) in direct view of the guests, using a "gueridon". A gueridon typically consists of a trolley that is equipped to prepare, cook and serve food. There is a gas hob, chopping board, cutlery drawer, cold store (depending on the trolley type) and general working area.

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Dear Friends,
Be sure to keep Max’s Restaurant & Cucina in mind for Thanksgiving breakfast and lunch. We are conveniently located at 3514 State Street, in Santa Barbara’s Upper State St. area. This makes our Santa Barbara family restaurant the perfect stop before any of your Thanksgiving events or holiday shopping.
If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch on Thanksgiving day, be sure to join us at Max’s Restaurant. We will be serving our Santa Barbara breakfast and lunch favorites on THANKSGIVING DAY, November 26, from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm, and hope to see you there! Bring your out-of-town guests and introduce them to Santa Barbara dining at its best.
If you eat too much turkey over the Holiday, you might want to book an appointment with Santa Barbara pilates professional Chanda Fetter to help you get back in shape!
 Or if you would prefer relaxation instead of exercise, see Chrys across the street at Qui Si Bella Spa!
It was great to see everyone out supporting D.A.W.G. at the Wine for Wags at Oreana Winery.  With your generosity and support we can continue to help the dogs of Santa Barbara County!
Be sure to look for upcoming comedy nights in Santa Barbara, no corkage fee Wednesdays, and other nights of food and fun at Max’s. Visit our website and join our eClub for special discounts and coupons.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Your friendly staff at Max’s Restaurant
Thanksgiving Humor from Max’s Restaurant
Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for everything we have. But it can also be a great time for a little humor, too. Here are some Thanksgiving jokes you can enjoy and share with your family:
  • What happened when the turkey got into a fight? He got the stuffing knocked out of him! We’re sure there will be plenty of stuffing on the table for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner? Your nose! Although there are great smells at Max’s every day!
  • What is a turkey’s favorite dessert? Peach gobbler! We’ve got a tasty variety of homemade desserts to please any turkey’s palate at Max’s.
  • What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner? A Har-VEST. Don’t worry about your attire at Max’s Restaurant. We’re Santa Barbara casual every day. Just come and have a great time.
  • If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for? Their AGE! People of all ages love to eat at Max’s. From our Santa Barbara brunch to our Italian cuisine, we love to feed every member of the family.
  • Why did the police arrest the turkey? They suspected it of fowl play. There is no fowl play at Max’s – just good food, great service, and fun times.
  • If fruit comes from a fruit tree, where does turkey come from? A poul-tree! We’ve got plenty of poultry items on our menu – and some pretty good meat and fish items, too!
  • A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn’t find one big enough. She asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?” “No, ma’am. They’re dead.” Don’t worry – there is plenty of food for your family at Max’s!

Want to hear more jokes? Join us on December 13 for Max’s 2nd Sunday Dinner Comedy Night for delicious food and hilarious comedy with Carol Metcalf and friends. The comedy starts at 7:30 PM for $10, and dinner is available from 5:00 PM. As Santa Barbara’s premier venue for dinner comedy, every performance at Max’s Restaurant & Cucina features professional comedians from all over the nation. We draw our headliner talent from such leading showrooms as Comedy Central, The IMPROV, The Comedy Store, and the Laugh Factory. Please RSVP to reserve a table at 805-898-9121. Reserved seating may be obtained with dinner reservations.
Thanksgiving Q&A with Max’s Restaurant & Cucina
Q: Are you open for Thanksgiving Dinner?
A:  We will not be open Thursday (Thanksgiving), Friday, and Saturday for dinner. We will only be open for breakfast & Lunch. Our Santa Barbara family restaurant serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. just like we have been doing daily for over thirty years!  Our fine Italian cuisine and home-made Italian pastas are typically served Tuesday through Saturday evenings, from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m.
Q: What’s for breakfast?
A: Max’s Restaurant is proud to serve the best breakfast in town. Try our famous made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes or omelets with loads of Green Star Coffee. Or check out our Hollandaise Classics made with our own Hollandaise over two poached eggs and a grilled English muffin and served with potatoes.
Q: What’s on the authentic Italian cuisine menu?
A: Just about everything that will remind you of dining in Italia. Start with an antipasto rustico or insalata, paired with Prosecco Brut from La Marca, Italia. For your entrée, you can choose from pasta, fish, meat, or pizza, each made with our own special touch. Ask your server to recommend the perfect red wine, white wine or beer to complement your meal. Buon Appetito!
Thanksgiving Events in Santa Barbara CA
Max’s Restaurant loves Santa Barbara because there is so much to do and see. We think you will enjoy some of these Thanksgiving and holiday events in Santa Barbara:
  • ArtSEE: November 22-30 in the Faulkner Gallery at the Santa Barbara Central Library. ArtSEE is a fundraiser art exhibit and sale to benefit SEE International, a non-profit organization where volunteer eye surgeons work to restore sight to disadvantaged blind individuals worldwide. The exhibition features original and affordable works by Abstract Art Collective members, plus additional artwork juried and curated by Dug Uyesaka.
  • Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Smash: November 26, 10am-3:30pm at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Get out of the house and come to the Zoo for a smashin’ good time!
  • Coming in December – 30th Annual Santa Barbara Parade of Lights: “A Red, White & Blue Holiday” in tribute to our local veterans. The event starts with fun for the entire family at Santa’s Village on the City Pier in Santa Barbara Harbor. The annual boat parade begins at 5:30 p.m. with about 25 boats motoring, sailing, and paddling the Santa Barbara Coastline. The event culminates with a 5-7 minute fireworks display at approximately 7 p.m.

About Max’s Restaurant & Cucina: Max’s Restaurant is located at 3514 State Street, Santa Barbara, in the Upper State St. area. The Santa Barbara family restaurant serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Fine Italian cuisine and home-made Italian pasta are served Tuesday through Saturday evenings, from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m. Visit the website at http://www.maxsrestaurantsb.com for complete menu selections. “Like” the Facebook page for news on comedy nights and upcoming dinner specials. Call 805-898-9121 to make reservations.

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours

Italian Restaurant In Santa Barbara Wishes You Happy Thanksgiving
Dear Friends,
We would like to thank the patrons and staff of Toma Restaurant and Bar for another wonderful year. We are grateful to our customers for their support and enthusiasm, and for making us your romantic waterfront dining destination.   Special thanks to our Executive Chef Nat Ely for his extraordinary offerings. Take the time this Thanksgiving to enjoy the company of friends and family.
Warm Regards,
Tom and Vicki Dolan

Toma’s Turkey Trivia:
  1. Although most people consider Plymouth Massachusetts to be the site of the original Thanksgiving feast, this fact has been disputed. There are other states that have claimed this distinction including Texas, Florida and Maine.
  2. It is estimated that Americans consume a whopping 46 million turkeys each year at Thanksgiving!
  3. The tradition of the Thanksgiving football game goes back to 1876 when Yale played Princeton but it didn’t become an NFL tradition until Thanksgiving 1934.
  4. Starting with President Truman in 1947, it has become an annual Thanksgiving tradition for the President of the United States to grant pardon to select turkeys.
  5. Rumor has it that Swanson’s invented the first TV dinner as a result of having a surplus of frozen turkeys left after slow Thanksgiving sales.
  6. The United States boast three turkey-monikered  towns: Turkey Texas, Turkey North Carolina and Turkey Creek Los Angeles.
  7. The dangling flesh at a male turkey’s neck is called a “wattle”. It is red when they are trying to attract a mate, but will turn blue if they are startled or scared.
  8. Turkeys are a type of pheasant.  Male turkeys are referred to as “Toms” while females are “Hens”.  Baby turkeys are “poults”, young males are “Jakes” and young females are “Jennys”.
  9. It is typically assumed that turkeys can’t fly.  While this might be true of most domesticated birds, their wild counterparts can fly at speeds up to 55 mph and run as fast as 20 mph!
  10. Only Toms gobble.
  11. June, not November, is National Turkey Lovers Month.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the Turkey that makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving Day dinner.  It may be a combination of excessive amounts of carbs, overeating and alcohol consumption.
  13. According to recent surveys, approximately 88% of Americans have turkey at Thanksgiving.
  14. Turkeys see in color.
  15. It was Gimbel’s department store that organized the first Thanksgiving Day parade back in 1920.  Macy’s didn’t have theirs until 1924.

Q: Is Toma Restaurant child-friendly?
A: Absolutely!  Families are welcome and we offer a special children’s menu for diners 12 and under.
Q: Can you accommodate special dietary considerations?
A: Yes, the menu at Toma includes Gluten-free and vegetarian options.  Please advise your server of any special needs when ordering.
Q: Does Toma Restaurant + Bar source their food locally?
A: Our Executive Chef selects the finest ingredients that Santa Barbara has to offer.  Wesupport local farmers, fishermen and artisans.
Local events for those traveling to Santa Barbara for the holidays:
  • Thanksgiving 4 Miler Gather with friends and family to run, walk or cheer at the 21st Annual Santa Barbara Thanksgiving 4 Miler.
  • Organic Soup Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Dinner Take time over the holidays to give back to the Santa Barbara community and its less fortunate members. Sign up to volunteer at the Organic Soup Kitchen’s 7th annual Thanksgiving Day dinner.
  • ArtSEE: November 22-30 in the Faulkner Gallery at the Santa Barbara Central Library. ArtSEE is a fundraiser art exhibit and sale to benefit SEE International, a non-profit organization where volunteer eye surgeons work to restore sight to disadvantaged blind individuals worldwide. The exhibition features original and affordable works by Abstract Art Collective members, plus additional artwork juried and curated by Dug Uyesaka.
  • Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Smash:November 26, 10am-3:30pm at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Get out of the house and come to the Zoo for a smashin’ good time!
  • Coming in December – 30th Annual Santa Barbara Parade of Lights: “A Red, White & Blue Holiday” in tribute to our local veterans. The event starts with fun for the entire family at Santa’s Village on the City Pier in Santa Barbara Harbor. The annual boat parade begins at 5:30 p.m. with about 25 boats motoring, sailing, and paddling the Santa Barbara Coastline. The event culminates with a 5-7 minute fireworks display at approximately 7 p.m.
From all of us at Toma Restaurant, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays.
-Tom & Vicki
p.s.  please note we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day
Tom and Vicki Dolan
Restaurant Owners
Toma Restaurant
Phone: (805)962-0777
Address: 324 West Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Dining Hours: Nightly Starting at 5:00pm

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4th of July Family Activities in Goleta CA

Looking for the best place to spend 4th of July in Goleta, CA?

The 4th of July is always a great time for celebrating. With the 4th falling on a Friday this year, there is no better way to celebrate than by planning a family weekend in Goleta, CA. GoGoleta.com has everything you need to plan a great family weekend, from hotels in Goleta to restaurants in Goleta. For many years Goleta has been a favorite place to celebrate the 4th of July. Below is a list of 4th of July family activities in Goleta you don’t want to miss this year:
  • Rancho La Patera & Stow House: The Goleta Valley Historical Society presents its 40th Annual Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration on July 4 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Festival features live music, hayrides, delicious BBQ, games, local artists, the old engine show, and much more. $7 per adults, Children under 12 are free. Experience a historic ranch preserved for the community.
  • Fireworks: The 17th Annual Goleta Fireworks Festival will be launched on the 4th of July from Girsh Park. Join Goleta Rotary Clubs at the park for an afternoon of fun-filled entertainment for all ages, capped by a spectacular fireworks display. This family friendly, alcohol-free event takes place on Friday, July 4, from 4:00 to 9:30 p.m. at Girsh Park, which is located on the south side of the Camino Real Market Place. Tickets are $6 per person to enter; children 12 and under are free. Proceeds will benefit the Goleta Rotary Clubs’ Foundation providing support to local youth programs and other community activities. Kids’ activities include a Watermelon and Pie Eating Contest, John Deere Cars, Interactive Games, Hula Hoop Contest, Jumpers and Rock Climbing. Entertainment includes dancing and live music from Bushwood and Area 51.
  • Farmers’ Market: Find a little piece of Goleta to take home with your at the weekly Farmer’s Market. Each week the farmers in the marketplace display a colorful bounty of agricultural products grown right in our backyard. Seasonal diversity is available year round, rain or shine. Come. Shop. Socialize. Sundays: 10:00am – 2:00pm and Thursdays: 3:00pm – 6:00pm at the Camino Real Shopping Center, 7004 Marketplace Drive in Goleta.
  • Horse Show at Earl Warren Showgrounds (July 3-5): Experience the Santa Barbara National Horse Show, Multi Breed. Hours are 8:00am until the End of Classes. Admission and parking are free. Contact: Show office (805)687-8711.

Goleta Fireworks
There is so much to do in Goleta and just one weekend won’t be enough. Rely on GoGoleta.com for all your Goleta info – from biking and bowling, to movies and historical sites, you will find something to suit every taste in Goleta, CA.  From all of us at GoGoleta.com, have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!
Fourth of July in Goleta
About GoGoleta.com: GoGoleta.com is Goleta, California’s premier travel guide. It organizes all of the best Goleta restaurantsGoleta hotelsGoleta events and Goleta activities in one convenient location. GoGoleta.com brings all of the hottest Goleta, California happenings together in one convenient online location. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-967-2500 for more travel information about Goleta CA.
- See more at: http://www.gogoleta.com/4th-of-july-family-activities-in-goleta-ca/#sthash.0xLhcIv4.dpuf